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Francisca Hildegardis Chimhanda


Francisca Hildegardis Chimhanda is a Zimbabwean Roman Catholic nun of the Congregation of Jesus (CJ) founded by Mary Ward (1585-1645). She has been in leadership position as Local Superior (1994-1997) and Regional Superior (2003-2006) of the CJ in Zimbabwe. Trained as a Primary School teacher and taught in that capacity for three years. Her first degree is in Home Economics and Education (Bachelor of Humanities, London 1982). She taught Food and Nutrition for several years at Secondary School level.

Chimhanda studied theology with UNISA as second profession. She completed BTh, Honours BTh, MTh and DTh in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2002, respectively. The dissertation title: Christ the Ancestor: Shona Christianity and the roots for feminist liberative praxis. The thesis is entitled: An Incarnational Christology set in the context of narratives of Shona women in present day Zimbabwe. Both works have beeb published in 2011. She has published several articles in Christology, liberation theology, in particular, feminist and black theology, eco-feminism and cultural hermeneutics; is contributor to the Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity (2010, edited by Daniel Patte); contributed book chapters in Rediscoursing African womanhood in the search for sustainable Renaissance (2012) (Muwati, I., Mguni, Z. et al [eds]) and Tradition: fixed and mobile: essays in honour of Rev. Prof. Rodney Moss (2013) and attended and gave papers at several local and international conferences. Chimhanda has written several articles in response to current contextual issues, including Church Involvement in the Transition to Democracy in Post-Colonial Zimbabwe (2008-2009); Post-election violence in Zimbabwe (2008-2010): the agency of the Roman Catholic Church in national healing and democracy and Roman Catholic Church response to the situation of HIV & AIDS in Zimbabwe (submitted for publishing in JTSA -2013); Women and the Roman Catholic Church with special focus on Zimbabwe (2013); “Relevance of Theology in relation to Spirituality: an African Bantu perspective” (accepted for publishing in the Journal Scriptura - 2013); African theology of land: A Shona perspective (undergoing peer review for JTSA- 2013);Stewardship in God’s household: a critical engagement with post-colonial Zimbabwe (1980-) (article undergoing peer review for a book project – Black Theology Focus group) .

Chimhanda has lectured at the University of Zimbabwe (2007- 2009). She joined the University of South Africa (UNISA) as Senior Lecturer (2009) and at present she is Associate Professor in Systematic Theology. Chimhanda is very passionate about the liberation of African women and her point of departure is consciousness-raising of women to becoming proactive agents of their own her-story ( see also her article: Raising Consciousness regarding the dignity and vocation of women in the Catholic Church in Zimbabwe: a historical developmental process ).

God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.  ~St. Augustine


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