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We encourage you to become a member of The Catholic Theological Society of Southern Africa (CTSSA). We are now in our 29th year of life. While our history has included ups and downs, during the past seven years we have been very actively involved in the world of theology, both in Southern Africa and worldwide.

You will already know the importance of theology as part of Church Tradition. It is needed even more today. We have the challenge of discovering the new insights needed to see that our faith is truly inculturated and has meaning for the great numbers of those who believe.

We have a huge pool of theologians in this region of Africa and perhaps you belong to it. There is much happening theologically in many parts of our local countries and much more could be done to disseminate knowledge about these happenings, as well as to stimulate yet further thinking. With more members we, as a Society, shall be able to contribute much more to the local and international discussions required for the renewal for which so many people are searching. Already, the CTSSA members are involved in an Annual Conference, ecumenical dialogue in Southern Africa, pan-African meetings and the International Network of Societies of Catholic Theology. Individual members are invited to make presentations at prestigious theological gatherings, both locally and abroad. Our Society can help many others share in this important kind of exchange.

Finally, may I mention the question that some people ask: “What do I get out of it?” Apart from learning from the above activities, may I mis-quote the second half of that famous sentence of President Kennedy’s inaugural address: “Ask: what can I do for my Church?” There will also be the possibility of continuing more robustly in theological thought in a more substantial publication. (You can also put your membership on your CV!)

I hope you take time to reflect on this plea and, for only R60.00, you can send your subscription by direct transfer to: Dr. NEGJ Luyckx. Nedbank, The Carlton,
Branch Code no. 190-605; a/c 1978001010. Label deposit: CTSSA & your name.

You may also contact Nicky Luyckx at:

God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.  ~St. Augustine


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