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Itumeleng Daniel Mothoagae Curriculum Vitae



Master of Theology in the field of New Testament

Bachelor of Theology (Hons)

Bachelor of Theology

Bachelor of Ministry

Assessor Training: Outcomes-Based Education in Higher Education and Open Distance learning

Certificate in Business Writing Skills


Academic Citizenship

• I serve in the departmental marketing committee as well as in the Tuition committee.

• In the college I am a member of the Employment Equity Committee College of Human Sciences.

• I serve in the Task Team for the revival of Black Theology Journal.

• I am the secretory of the Black African Theological Focus Group.

• I am a Project leader of the Voice and Voicelessness 2011-2015 Colloquia.

• I serve in the consultative committee of Institute for Gender Studies at the University of South Africa.

• Chairperson of the Catholic Theological Society of Southern Africa

• I serve in the steering committee of the S20 year review Identity, Non-Racialism and Social Cohesion Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (The Presidency)

• Member of the NAP Steering Committee: Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (Social Justice)

• Executive member of the International Society for Teacher Education.

• Member of Board of Trustees African Renaissance Centre (ARC) Ghana.

• Member of the National Action Plan to combat racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance Steering Committee: Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (Social Justice).

• Serve in the advisory board of the Transatlantic Roundtable on Religion and Race.

• Serve in the BTh recurriculation committee in the College of Human Sciences.


• Published a paper with Acta Theologica Vol. 30 (1), 2010, page 84-100.

Published a paper with Studia Historiae Ecclesiaticae Vol XXXVII, Supplement, 2011, page 115-130.

• Co-editor in Studia Historiae Ecclesiaticae Vol. XXXVIII, Supplement, 2012, page xiii-xiv.

• Published a paper with Missionalia Vol 40 (3), 2012, pages 93-103.

• Co-editor in Missionalia Vol 40 (3), 2012, page 3.

• Co-authored an article and published it with USM-AUT International Conference as Proceedings of USM-AUT International Conference 2012 Sustainable Economic Development: Policies and Strategies, page 89-95.

• Co-authored a book chapter published with the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute, pages 131-145.

• Co-authored an article in a festschrift in Honour of Prof Rodney Moss, 2013, page xi-xviii

• Published an article with Grace and Truth 2013.

• Published an article in the festschrift 2013, page 201-212.

• Published an article with Ecumenical Journal Vol. 12 (1), 2011, pages: 18-19.


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