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Fr. Dr. Anselm Laurence Prior, OFM.

Anselm Prior, OFM, (Franciscan) came to South Africa from England in 1968. After working in a Zulu-speaking parish for 6 years, he spent a year at Gaba Pastoral Institute, gaining a diploma in Religious Education. Returning to South Africa, he set up and ran for 10 years the Department for Religious Education in the Prefecture of Volksrust (now the Diocese of Dundee). He then spent 18 months in Chicago, earning a Masters in Pastoral Studies and a Diploma in Human Relations. In 1997 he joined the staff at Lumko Institute (the national pastoral institute of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference). In 1990 he was appointed Director, a post he held for 10 years. During his tenure he conducted workshops in Pastoral Ministry and Leadership at the Institute, throughout South Africa and in many countries in Africa and Asia, along with an annual workshop in Nemi, near Rome. He also authored or co-authored 17 books. Anselm had been studying part-time with UNISA for many years. He gained a Bachelor’s, Honours Bachelors’, Masters’, and finally a Doctorate in Theology, specialising in Missiology.

In 1992 he taught in the Department for Pastoral Ministry at the bishops’ national seminary, St. John Vianney, in Pretoria, and headed the Department for 8 years. Now semi-retired, he researches and writes theological articles for UNISA and a number of theological journals, travelling to Brussles, Belgium, each year to conduct workshops in leadership. He lives in Pretoria.




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